IISE: Lean Green Belt Suite (IACET CEU=4.4)

IISE: Lean Green Belt Suite (IACET CEU=4.4)

Are you ready to use Lean to improve your business? Take this suite of courses to learn how to create and improve a lean process. We will teach you how to implement 5S to develop a safe, clean working environment. You will learn to map the process flow and identify activities that add value and reduce setup time using the SMED process. In addition to the online courses, additional self-study time will be needed for learners to complete the provided manuals and exercises to prepare for this belt’s examination.

Estimated Time
2469 min
CEU Credits

IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Welcome
Lean Six Sigma - What Is Lean Six Sigma?
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - DMAIIC Process
Lean Six Sigma - Roles and Responsibilities
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Implementation Strategy
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Lean Enterprise
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Voice of the Customer
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Process Maps
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Value Stream Mapping
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Identifying Waste
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Standard Work
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Flow and Layout
Lean Six Sigma - Kaizen
Lean Six Sigma - Push and Pull Systems
IISE: Lean Six Sigma - Critical Lean Tools of a Standard Workplace
$750.00 per seat
Lean Six Sigma Suites
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